Message from CEO


ISF – from a humble beginning to a continously expanding business – this is what I may aptly remark since the 30 years of its incorporation. I owe this to the many capable men and women of invaluable talents in ISF. ISF key business values are founded upon continuous quality control, research & development and industry-related certifications.


These values are enabled through our dedicated state-of-the-art technology, which is, by far, world class. Our business milestones are charted with challenges and breakthroughs. The three major breakthroughs that we have charted are the commissioning of our sophisticated down-stream machinery in 1984, the refinery complex in 1996 and the completion of E-SOS plant in Port Klang in 2010. In between, we weathered the challenging rollercoaster ride of the economic uncertainties in 1998 and 2008 respectively. Our ability to overcome them was due to the strong leadership and teamwork efforts of ISF talents. With the physical visibility of these plants, I am pleased to inform you that ISF leads the market in specialty fats field through its cocoa butter alternatives (equivalent, replacer and substitutes). We are not stopping there. In 2011, ISF have commenced the construction of the PKO plant, which also includes related storage and delivery facilities. This is to fulfill the global market demands for ‘low price’ chocolate.


ISF totally believes in the power and potential of palm oil. It has laid all the foundations to become a globally renown manufacturer of specialty oils and fats. We have a dedicated, far-sighted, experienced workforce and the best synergy of technology and reliable resources as well as a superbly integrated network of associates and suppliers. Together, we are able to give our clients speedy services that satisfy time-sensitive requests as well as unique and better advantages, benefits and deals. Indeed, ISF aims to continue getting better and better and commits itself to deliver the best customised products and services. It is geared to go further by delivering the best value-added deals to ensure that everything you need in specialty oils and fats is available right here! ISF has been doing so for all its existing customers and looks forward to the privledge of doing the same for you too!


~ Toru Morino (CEO) ~