Product Applications

Chocolate & Confectionery Fats

ISF offers 3 categories of C&C Fats/Oils to suit to the specific type of application(s) your business requires.
Moulding CBEs, CBRs, CBSs: for moulding into bars, tablets, shells & panned products, hollow figures or filled chocolates
Enrobing CBEs can fully replace CB in production of supercoatings with superb eating qualities.
CBRs offers enhanced chocolatey flavor.
CBSs for producing most cost-effective compound chocolate coatings.
Filling – a fat with a melting profile that will achieve the desired rate of flavor release, smooth texture & yet stabilized.
Centre-filling Lauric & non-Lauric based
Sandwiching cream – an aerated cream which is made from whipping sandwiching cream with sugar & other ingredients.
Sugar-based Fillings traditionally for toffees & caramels production.


Bakery Fats

Baking explore how ISFs trans fat-free cake/pastry margarines, Butter oil substitutes (BOSs), Recombined Butter/Butter Blends & Shortening/Doughfats can add value to your range of baked products.
Creaming creaming fats or margarine as garnishing to add more value to cakes, buns & rolls, and yet appeal to consumers palate.
Spreads a customized fats for producing breakfast spreads in chocolate, cocoa-hazelnut, peanut or any other trendy flavoured versions.


Dairy Fat Replacer

Ice-creams a dairy fat replacer which imparts a rich, creamy & smooth mouthfeel to frozen dessert products or ice-creams.
Beverage Creams

  • for 4 common types of non-dairy creamers:
  • Filled Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • Filled Evaporated Milk
  • Filled Creamer
  • Coffee Whitener



Frying Fats/Oils

Fast Food Frying fats/oils for QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) and fast food chains

Instant Noodle & Snacks a bland, heat-stable and trans fat-free frying fats/oils for instant noodle, doughnuts, potato chips, flakes, nuts, extruded grain and cereal-based products.


Other Uses

Bulk-packed Cooking Oils in drums, jerrycans & tins.
Bulk Edible Oils – To meet the needs of your business, we manufacture:

  • – All grades of Double Fractionated Palm Olein (IV 60-68)
  • – All grades of Palm Mid Fraction (IV 32 – 50)
  • – Hard Palm Stearin (melting points 58C – 60C)
  • – Fully hydrogenated Palm Oil & Palm Stearin (in flake form)
  • – Interesterified Fatblends (eg.margarine production)
  • – Full range of hydrogenated Palm Fats Oil, Soyabean Oil & Coconut Oil
  • – Refined Palm Oil & Fractions (Palm Olein, Palm Stearin)
  • – Refined Palm Kernel Oil & Fractions (Palm KernelOlein, Palm Kernel Stearin)

Livestock Feed (Fat) ingredient providing a suitable & economical fat source for the livestock industry

Non-edible Application for partial replacement of paraffin wax in candle-making, food lubricants & etc.