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Welcome to Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn. Bhd.


Welcome to Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn. Bhd., a company fondly known as ISF that specializes in producing premium grade specialty fats & oils to cater to the global food industries with a strong focus in chocolate & chocolate confectionery segments. Its manufacturing facilities are the first of its kind in Malaysia since the 80s and the only few in the world!


Besides having the edge of being close to the raw material supplies in Malaysia, we are backed by more than a century-old of expertise from its parent company, The Nisshin OilliO Group Ltd. (Japan) and Nisshin Global Research Center (NGRC) in satisfying your needs of fats & oils.


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Message from CEO


ISF – from a humble beginning to a continuously expanding business – this is what I may aptly remark since its incorporation in 1980. I owe this to the many capable men and women of invaluable talents in ISF and, furthermore, to the valued customers and suppliers who supported us during our exciting journey.


ISF’s key values are founded upon the innovations through our strong R&D, dedicated state-of-the-art facilities and continuous quality control, which are, by far, world class. Our business milestones are charted with challenges and breakthroughs. The major breakthroughs that we have charted are the commissioning of our sophisticated down-stream machinery in 1984, the refinery complex in 1996, the completion of E-SOS plant in 2010 and the establishment of new R&D Center in 2016, if just name the few.


ISF totally believes in the power and potential of palm oil. It has laid all the foundations to become a globally renown manufacturer of specialty oils and fats. We have a dedicated, far-sighted, experienced workforce and the best synergy of technology and reliable resources as well as a superbly integrated network of associates and suppliers. Together, we are able to give our clients speedy services that satisfy time-sensitive requests as well as unique and better advantages, benefits and deals. Indeed, ISF aims to continue getting better and better and commits itself to deliver the best customised products and services. It is geared to go further by delivering the best value-added deals to ensure that everything you need in specialty oils and fats is available right here! ISF has been doing so for all its existing customers and looks forward to the privledge of doing the same for you too!
In 2004, we embarked on our structured engagement efforts toward the sustainability as one of the earliest members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), and we achieved our first certification for the RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard (SCCS) in 2011. Through the RSPO, we have worked closely with various partners, and commercial and civil society stakeholders to promote the best practices with suppliers and to bring sustainable palm oil to our valued customers.
With all the challenges and efforts, I am pleased to inform you that ISF leads the market in specialty fats field including wide range of cocoa butter alternatives (equivalent, replacer and substitutes). We are not stopping there. In 2016, ISF has established its sales & marketing company in Shanghai, China, and in 2018 acquired majority shares in a refinery in Genoa, Italy to enhance our global supply chain.
ISF totally believes in the power and potential of palm oil. We have a dedicated, far-sighted, experienced workforce and the best synergy of technology and reliable resources as well as a superbly integrated network to maximize the potential of it. Together, we are able to provide “Total Solutions” to the various needs of our clients by our customized products and services. It is geared to go further by delivering the best value-added deals to ensure that everything you need in specialty oils and fats is available right here! ISF has been doing so for all our existing customers and looks forward to the privilege of doing the same for you too!

~ Takashi Ishigami (CEO) ~




Our Vision

Customer always comes first at ISF.
That is the way we do business.
It is a simple philosophy,
but it has our total commitment.

Our History

  • 1980

    Granted pioneer status by Malaysia Ministry of International Trade & Industry in producing specialty fats, eg. CBE, HPS, SPOL, & PMF/POP fat  & etc

  • 1984

    Commissioning of the first plant at Port Klang, Malaysia

  • 1987

    Started production of CBSs & CBRs. ISF received National Award for Product Excellence by MITI

  • 1996

    Started construction of a new plant at Dengkil to produce a more comprehensive range of products

  • 1998

    Added manufacturing capacity allows ISF to produce a comprehensive range of palm oil products

  • 2004

    Nisshin OilliO Group Ltd., the biggest vegetable oil company in Japan, acquired majority shares in ISF

  • 2007

    CEO was awarded the International Order, Eastern Dimension by the Russian Presidium of International Public Movement

  • 2009

    Expansion of Solvent Degumming Plant, SCD Plant and Solvent Fractionation Plant-2 at Port Klang. The first Statolizer System PKO Plant and ESOS Plant were commissioned at Port Klang

  • 2012

    New HQ was established at Port Klang. Expansion of Statolizer System PKO plant at Port Klang.

  • Jan 2015

    Completion of Packing Plant Improvement Project at Dengkil

  • 2016

    New R&D Center at Port Klang was completed on Nov 2016

Our Global Network

Core Competence

Advanced technologies for down-stream processing of specialty fats and oil products

Commitment to product quality

Heavy emphasis on research and product development with strong customer orientation

Wide array of specialty fats for various applications

Production capability

Management skill that meet on-time deliveries




Environmental Commitment

Everything at the Nisshin OilliO Group stems from our belief in “The Natural Power of Plants”. We believe that plants have three unique powers for mankind : the power to improve flavour, the power to enhance health, and the power to elevate beauty. These powers have the strength to motivate people and empower businesses – thus the foundation of all our business activities is”The Natural Power of Plants”.

With this Corporate Philosophy in mind, Intercontinental Speciality Fats Sdn Bhd has always placed environmental responsibility as our priority. A a member of the Round-Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), ISF is actively involved  in the quest to enhance the sustainability of oil-palm which is ethically and environmentally sound. Our premises are thoughtfully landscaped with the beauty of nature in mind, and our manufacturing processes involve the highest environmental standards possible. We ‘green the earth’ while we meet your product requirements and put you first.

Environmental Commitment



A great way to embed sustainability in a company is to act on employee initiatives. Companies get more and better ideas when they bubble up from the bottom. Once company employees begin to see the positive impact and economic returns on social and environmental investments that they helped create, they start believing that they do have a role to play, and the ideas start to flow.

In addition, through the direct involvement of workers in processes and activities beyond the company’s duties, a program planned by both parties, is capable of inculcating the positive impact of social and community engagement to bring closer ties between ISF and local communities.

1. Intermediate First Aid and CPR Training

2. Safety Days program

3. Blood Donation Campaign

Production Facilities

The factory in Port Klang, Malaysia, which was built in 1984, is equipped with sophisticated downstream processing machinery. However, to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding market for a full range of specialty fats and oils, a new refinery complex was built in 1996. It is conveniently located in Dengkil town near Kuala Lumpur International Airport. ISF has an ideal manufacturing base for quality specialty fats and oils due to its strategic location in Malaysia and its close proximity to raw materials palm oil. Thus, we preserve the freshness and high quality of our finished products.

Port Klang Plant

Production Facilities 3

Production Facilities 4

Production Facilities 5



Dengkil Plant

Production Facilities 1

Production Facilities 2



Advanced Technologies

ISF has up-to-date manufacturing facilities for refining (physical and chemical), fractionation, hydrogenation, interesterification, texturing & packing facilities. Besides these, we utilize solvent fractionation and enzymatic interesterification technologies. We produce a wide range of consistent high quality specialty fats and oils, such as CBEs, CBRs, CBSs and others, with unique functional characteristics.



Research & Development

Research Development 2-1


Equipment and Pilot Plant Facilities


In line with ISF’s strategy to meet growing demands for specialty fats in the global markets, we have proactively engaged in research & development programs that encompass raw material research and selection, process reengineering and quality improvement and new product development. This efforts are achieved through the use of advanced analytical equipment and pilot plant facilities.

Research Development 3


In-depth Knowledge of Oils & Fats Characteristics


A thorough understanding and knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of fats and oils enables ISF to continue its successful development of a broad range of specialty fat products that meet customer’s requirement and provide optimal solutions.

4 (2)


An Eye on the Future



While firmly establishing ourself as one of the leaders in the global specialty oils and fats industry, ISF is constantly keeping its focus on future market development trends. We always listen to our customers to understand their preferences so that their concerns are well taken care of. As a business partner, we strive to find effective and yet efficient solutions to these problems.

Quality Policy

2 (2)

Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn. Bhd. (ISF) is committed to be a successful, established, recognized and reputable specialty fats manufacturer, producing safe and hygienic high quality products which meet with statutory, regulatory & customer requirements that have the confidence and respect of the marketplace and satisfying the needs of its stakeholders; through the effective implementation, communication and continual improvement of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.


ISF shall conduct its activities in accordance with the requirements of its Quality Management System; its documented procedures; the guidance and directives of the stakeholders.


To achieve this goal, ISF shall:

  • Instill continual improvement activities to establish, implementation, maintain and continually improve our Quality Management System;
  • Support the implementation of Quality Management System through activities of internal audits, management reviews and improving products and services to address the future needs and expectations;
  • Fulfill the needs and requirements of our valued customers.

Food Safety Management Policy

food policy 01

Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn. Bhd. (ISF) is committed to be a successful, established, recognized and reputable specialty fats manufacturer, producing safe and hygienic high quality products, that meets with statutory & regulatory requirements with high confidence and respect of the marketplace and satisfying the needs of its stakeholders and customers; through the effective implementation and continual improvement of the Food Safety Management System (HACCP & FSSC 22000).

Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn. Bhd. shall strictly follow established SOP in accordance with the requirements of its HACCP/FSSC 22000 system that meet the directive of the statutory & regulatory requirements, customers and stakeholders.

5 (2)



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  • FSSC 22000 (LRQA)

    3 of 11

  • ISO 14001:2015

    4 of 11

  • ISCC

    5 of 11


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  • ISO 9001: 2015

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Environmental Policy

Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn Bhd is committed to the protection of the environment of our Earth in the process of producing and supplying Specialty Oil & Fats derived from palm oil and its related product.


To minimize environmental impacts concerning our operational activities and products, and achieve our environmental objectives, we shall:



By implementing the above policies, we endorse our commitment to carry out our business in the most professional manner. This Policy will be communicated to all employees, stakeholders, and be available for the public.

Sustainable Palm Oil Policy

Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn. Bhd. (ISF) is one of the leading palm specialty oils & fats manufacturers with refining and downstream processing facilities with factories located in Peninsular Malaysia.


We specialise in producing quality grade palm specialty oils & fats to cater to the needs of our global customers. Besides having the edge of being close to the raw material supplies, we are concerned about the potential long-term environment and social impacts caused by our palm oil production.


Based on our experience in the oil palm industry and in responsible sourcing, we have decided to improve on our sustainable palm oil policy and taken steps to ensure that our raw materials are sourced responsibly in line with our commitments.


ISF NDPE Policy Implementation Plan


ISF Policy Roadmap Progress Update Nov 2019


For more details, please click here to view ISF Sustainable Palm Oil Policy.

Supplier Code of Conduct


In our Supplier Code of Conduct, defines the basic requirements ISF expects its suppliers to adhere to and implement throughout their business.


We strive to work with our suppliers to make full use of the opportunities sustainable development offers and continuously improve their operations. This also implies that we expect our suppliers as well as their suppliers and subcontractors to fully comply with applicable laws, environmental, social and corporate governance standards in the country.


In the supplier code of conduct, we have the main 8 components as below:


Legal Compliance




Human Rights and Labour


Health and Safety




Grievance management


Supplier Engagement and Verification



For more details, please click here to view ISF Supplier Code of Conduct



In June 2018, ISF has launched our Sustainability Dashboard to chart progress against our commitments detailed in the Sustainable Palm Oil Policy. We also share with you ISF’s roadmap in the development towards a fully sustainable palm oil industry through the dashboard which updated on half-yearly basis. Achieving traceability to the mill and plantations is the first step in helping to create a more sustainable palm oil industry.

Our supplier engagement activities help to ensure our suppliers are aware of our policy and receive the necessary support to implement it in their operations and supply chains. We have also published our third-party supplier mill list which captures ISF’s palm and palm kernel oil supply mills on half year basics.

Grievance Procedure


As part of our Sustainability Policy, Intercontinental Specialty Fats (ISF) has established a Grievance Procedure as a reference for our management to handle any grievance from any external parties. This is a platform for all stakeholders to address concerns and feedback for enhancing the transparency and accountability in our supply chain.

Grievances can be submitted through any of the following channels:

By email
By telephone to: +60-3-3176 3050, +60-3-3375 8200
By fax to: +60-3- 3176 5933, +60-3-3176 5185

Attention: Sustainability Department

Grievances should include the following information:

• Full Name
• Company/Organization
• Address
• Phone No./Fax No./Email Address
• Description of the grievance in detail
• Evidences to support the grievance



Our Grievance Procedure is available here.


ISF’s Grievance Log for our supply chain can be found here.



Whistleblowing Channel

Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn Bhd (ISF) is committed to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in the conduct of business and expects its employees to adhere to the same standards. As part of good corporate governance, ISF has established a Whistleblowing Policy that sets out avenues for legitimate concerns made in good faith to be objectively investigated and addressed, whilst ensuring adequate retaliation protection to the whistleblower.


a) For product and services related concerns, please refer to sustainability- Grievance Procedure


b) For other compliance issue, please refer to our Whistleblowing Policy (English) here or Whistleblowing Policy (Bahasa Malaysia) here.


Disclosure can be made to ANY of the following reporting channels, in strict and confidential manner:


Option 1:

The whistleblower shall attach the Whistleblower Report Form in the email or provide similar information as found in the Whistleblower Report Form found in Appendix 1 or Lampiran 1. Please send the email to the following address:


 Recipient’s e-mail address:


Option 2:

The whistleblower shall refer to the Whistleblower Report Form found in Appendix 1 or Lampiran 1.  if report is to be submitted via post.


The whistleblower shall submit the complaint in a sealed envelope, clearly marked “private and confidential” and posted to the Company’s main office at the following address with the following recipient name:


ATTN:            Head of General Affairs; or

                    Head of Product Development (Japanese Expatriate, R&D Manager)


 Address:       Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn Bhd

Lot 1, Lebuh Sultan Hishamudin 2

Kawasan 20, Bandar Sultan Suleiman,

P.O. Box 207, 42009 Port Klang

Selangor Darul Ehsan


 Option 3Please be informed that the Web Form is currently under construction. Kindly report any non-compliance matter using option 1 and 2.


Anti-Bribery and Corruption (“ABC”)


ISF promotes and upholds high standard of integrity in all our business interactions. Hence, ISF prohibits all forms of corruption, extortion and embezzlement.

The anti-bribery and corruption practices are guided in this policy here.

Sustainability Report

We are pleased to present you with ISF’s first Sustainability Report for the calendar year 2019. Themed The Role We Play, the report outlines how we play our part in transforming the industry towards sustainable practices, guided by the commitments of our 2017 Sustainability Palm Oil Policy. Moving forward, ISF will keep our stakeholders updated annually on our sustainability measures and performance.


Sustainability Report

Product Range

Packed Products

CHOCOMATE - Cocoa Butter Equivalent (CBE)
CHOCOMATE, our signature cocoa butter equivalent (CBE) range, can replace partial to whole cocoa butter. Tempering conditions need not be altered most of the time.CHOCOMATE (traditional type) and CHOCOMATE EZ (enzymatic type) are available.

HISOMEL - Cocoa Butter Replacer (CBR)
HISOMEL, our cocoa butter replacer (CBR) range, is a specialty fat suitable for all kinds of coating applications with excellent gloss retention. Compounds made with HISOMEL do not require tempering. HISOMEL range includes traditional (high trans) type, trans-free type and non-hydrogenation type, with different melting profiles, in order to cater for customers’ various needs.

ISFAT - Cocoa Butter Substitute (CBS)
ISFAT is our cocoa butter substitute (CBS) range, and imparts excellent gloss, a crisp and a rapid and complete meltdown with a cooling sensation. ISFAT-based compounds do not require tempering. Besides, compounds made with ISFAT need only a short residential time for setting in the cooling tunnel.

FILFREE - Filling Fat
FILFREE is our specialty fat range designed for the production of premium and functional fillings. FILFREE range accommodates vairous application requirements such as centre filling for praline, confectionery filling in wafer, cookie and biscuit, caramel, and toffee. FILFREE range suits the needs for “trans-free confections” production for the health-conscious market.

CHOCSPREAD is our specialty fat designed for the production of a variety of confectionary spread. Products made with CHOCSPREAD show good stability against oil separation.

SMARTOIL - Bake-Stable Filling Fat
SMARTOIL is our specialty fat designed for the production of bake-stable filling in the cookies. Centre fillings made with SMARTOIL show soft texture with excellent gloss even after baking.

PREMSHORT - Shortening
PREMSHORT is our shortening range for baking industries such as breads, biscuits, cakes and other variety of bakery products. Smooth consistency and excellent plasticity of PREMSHORT impart favourable dough mixing and good creaming property during production. PREMSHORT is trans free, cholesterol free, and GMO free.

D' BAKE - Margarine
D’ BAKE is our multipurpose margarine range, tailored for wide range of industrial bakery applications. D’ BAKE imparts excellent creaming property and pleasing aroma for cakes, cookies, buns and a variety of delicacies, without any difficulties in the processing. Milk fat blend type, salted and unsalted types are also available.

ISBOS - Butter Oil Substitute (BOS)
ISBOS is our range of butter oil substitute, designed to provide similar appealing profile of butter to your bakery products such as pleasing buttery aroma retention and appetising golden colour. Flavouring, colouring and additives can be modified upon request to suit customer requirements and applications.

MILKMATE - Milk Fat Replacer
MILKMATE is our range of milk fat replacer, widely used as a replacement of milk fat in the dairy-related products. MILKMATE is a cholesterol-free product.

ICYCOOL - Ice Cream Fat
ICYCOOL is our specialty fat range for ice cream, catering for the production of both ice cream emulsions and ice cream coating.

SUPAWIP - Whip Cream Fat
SUPAWIP is our range of specialty fat designed for vegetable based or AMF whip cream production. SUPAWIP enables you to produce stable and clean melt-off whipping cream. SUPAWIP is cholesterol-free product.

ISFRYOL - High Performance Frying Fats
ISFRYOL is our high performance frying fat range, catering to all professionals in frying. ISFRYOL has a notably light in colour and neutral in odour and taste, and is trans-free, GMO free, and cholesterol-free.

HIPAL - Trans Free Hard Stock
HIPAL is specialty fat range used widely as a hard stock in the production of variety of food applications, such as spreads, nut butters, fillings, margarines and shortenings. HIPAL range includes trans-free products and non-hydrogenated products.

Bulk Products

RBD Palm Oil
RBD Palm Olein
RBD Super Palm Olein (IV 60 – 68)
RBD Palm Stearin
RBD Hard Palm Stearin (IV 11 – 20)
Palm Mid Fraction (IV 34 – 48)

RBD Palm Kernel Oil
RBD Palm Kernel Olein
RBD Palm Kernel Stearin
RBD Hard Palm Kernel Stearin (IV 4.5)
Interesterified Palm and Palm Kernel Based Oil
Hydrogenated Palm and Palm Kernel Based Oil

Product Applications

Chocolate & Confectionery

Baking Fats

Dairy Fat Replacer

Fast Food Fats

Other Uses

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