Whistleblowing Channel

Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn Bhd (ISF) is committed to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in the conduct of business and expects its employees to adhere to the same standards. As part of good corporate governance, ISF has established a Whistleblowing Policy that sets out avenues for legitimate concerns made in good faith to be objectively investigated and addressed, whilst ensuring adequate retaliation protection to the whistleblower.


a) For product and services related concerns, please refer to sustainability- Grievance Procedure


b) For other compliance issue, please refer to our Whistleblowing Policy (English) here or Whistleblowing Policy (Bahasa Malaysia) here.


Disclosure can be made to ANY of the following reporting channels, in strict and confidential manner:


Option 1:

The whistleblower shall attach the Whistleblower Report Form in the email or provide similar information as found in the Whistleblower Report Form found in Appendix 1 or Lampiran 1. Please send the email to the following address:


 Recipient’s e-mail address: hotline@isfdkl.com.my


Option 2:

The whistleblower shall refer to the Whistleblower Report Form found in Appendix 1 or Lampiran 1.  if report is to be submitted via post.


The whistleblower shall submit the complaint in a sealed envelope, clearly marked “private and confidential” and posted to the Company’s main office at the following address with the following recipient name:


ATTN:            Head of General Affairs; or

                    Head of Risk Management


 Address:       Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn Bhd

Lot 1, Lebuh Sultan Hishamudin 2

Kawasan 20, Bandar Sultan Suleiman,

P.O. Box 207, 42009 Port Klang

Selangor Darul Ehsan


 Option 3Please be informed that the Web Form is currently under construction. Kindly report any non-compliance matter using option 1 and 2.


Anti-Bribery and Corruption (“ABC”)


ISF promotes and upholds high standard of integrity in all our business interactions. Hence, ISF prohibits all forms of corruption, extortion and embezzlement.

The anti-bribery and corruption practices are guided in this policy here.