The world of bakery is versatile and encompasses an almost endless number of products. Our range of specialty oils and fats for the bakery industry offers in the form of margarine, shortening, and butter oil substitute, makes a myriad of bakery products possible while helping you achieve the delightful eating experience. Our tailor-made products and solutions can add unique and appealing benefits to your bakery products.

ISF is strongly committed to achieving global standards for sustainability and the terms of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO SCCS Segregated (SG) and Mass Balance (MB) products are available.


The right selection of bakery fats is the crucial key in cake production to achieve your required eating qualities such as texture, crumb structure, mouthfeel, and taste experiences. ISF’s bakery fats, D’BAKE™ series and D’FORNO™ margarine, PREMSHORT™ shortening and ISBOS™ butter oil substitute ranges, can cater for your versatile needs in the cake applications.

Biscuit and Cookie

There are hundreds of types of biscuits and cookies on the market. Bakery fat is an essential component in their formulations, varying their texture, mouthfeel, and richness of the taste. ISF’s wide range of bakery fats, D’BAKE™ and D’FORNO™ margarine, PREMSHORT™ shortening and ISBOS™ butter oil substitute, offers you the most suitable application solutions for biscuit and cookie production to meet your desirable results on the workability, the cost, and the eating quality.

Bread and Roll

Bakery fat plays important functional roles in bread and roll production, although it is one of the minor ingredients in their formulations. At ISF, we offer a wide range of bakery fats specifically developed for different types of bread and roll application needs. Let’s explore our D’BAKE™ and D’FORNO™ margarine, PREMSHORT™ shortening and ISBOS™ butter oil substitute range, enriching your bread and roll products with the right type of our fat solutions.


KRISPUFF™is ISF’s pastry margarine range, used to produce laminated products such as puff pastries. Use KRISPUFF™ in your pastries to provide clear distinct layers in your pastry dough that puffs up into a superior light crust after baking.

Bakery Filling

For simple creaming with purposes, D’BAKE™ and D’FORNO™ margarine and PREMSHORT™ shortening are great option to have an airy, melt-in-your-mouth filling. Filling made with CHOC SPREAD™ spread fat on the other hand can be used as a filling for fast-moving bakery goods. SMARTOIL™ bake-stable filling fat is designed for the production of soft centre fillings which are encrusted into the cookie dough simultaneously before baking. Fillings remain soft, creamy, and glossy even after baking.