Chocolate and Confectionery

Chocolate and its confection are the indulgent treat enjoyed by people all around the world in various forms and flavours. Our confectionery fats assist you to create chocolate, compound chocolate, filling and spread products while ensuring all your versatile needs in taste, texture, form, health, product shelf life and cost efficiency. Explore how our products and solutions can work for your products and recipes.

ISF is strongly committed to achieving global standards for sustainability and the terms of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO SCCS Segregated (SG) and Mass Balance (MB) products are available.


To be considered as “chocolate”, only a maximum of 5% of vegetable fat replacement is allowed in your chocolate in quite a few countries. For this purpose, look no further than our CHOCOMATE™ series and CHOCOMATE™ EZ series, ISF’s cocoa butter equivalent (CBE). Replace with ease without compromising on crystallizing quality and sensory attributes of your chocolate.

Compound Chocolate

Looks like chocolate, taste like chocolate, feels like chocolate, that’s what our confectionery fats for compound chocolate can provide to you. Our ISFAT™ cocoa butter substitute (CBS) series is great for moulding purpose with seriously sharp melting profiles, and worry about bloom and cracking during coating application ever again with our HISOMEL™ cocoa butter replacer (CBR) range.

Confectionery Filling

Confectionery filling is vital in adding a punch of flavour, whether it’s paired with a chocolate shell or a baked product. ISF’s FILFREE™ filling fat ranges come in different unique propositions such as sharp melting, anti-blooming properties, and so on. For lauric-based fillings, ISFAT™ range is the one to look at. There’s bound to be the one for you.

Confectionery Spread

The biggest problem with chocolate spreads is there may be oil separation over time. ISF’s CHOC SPREAD™ spread fat range ensures your spread remains a stable, homogenous and soft consistency even after a long time.