Making Lives Different

Proudly Delivers Every Shipment Of Specialty Fat

Every day, ISF proudly delivers every shipment of specialty fat that the team strives for excellence by attending to every single detail.

Enriching lives together – ISF makes a difference in the quality of lives through dynamic collaboration. We aim to provide solutions to our customers for healthier, fewer contaminants and more sustainable products.

Our commitment to perfection will be part of your product, enriching lives around the world with our high-quality specialty fats and oils in sustainable ways.

Create Value Using Our Expertise

ISF’s expertise is built on core qualities that we have established over four decades.

Certification, Quality & Food Safety

ISF’s operational and quality control systems are designed to provide our customers with products and services of consistently high quality. Our innovations have also put us ahead of the curve in monitoring and mitigating 3-MCPD and Glycidyl Esters (GE) levels in our products.

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Sustainable And Ethical Supply Chain

We maintain long-term working partnerships with select suppliers to ensure the palm oil we source is of high quality and meets our responsible sourcing standards. It is imperative to trace supply flows from ports and refineries back to palm oil mills and oil palm plantations. This is an integral part of providing greater transparency in the supply chain and includes an understanding of supplier locations and knowledge of on-the-ground practices in use.