Other Food Applications

Our specialty fats deliver the unique solutions in a multitude of food applications with specific functionalities, such as releasing, stabilizing and microencapsulating, and which guarantee you the process efficiency and the product stability for longer shelf life.

ISF is strongly committed to achieving global standards for sustainability and the terms of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO SCCS Segregated (SG) and Mass Balance (MB) products are available.

Spray Oil

Spray oil is usually sprayed a thin layer onto your product after baking. This process has a myriad of functions; firstly, it helps to seal in the flavours of your product; second, it prevents your products from being soggy by creating a moisture barrier. Also, spray oil can act as an adhesive layer as well as contributing to a glossy appearance. ISF has a wide range of products which has superb anti-oxidative stability for the purposes above.

Releasing Agent

PANFRIE ensures that the production of your bakery products is smooth and convenient. Products such as cakes and breads glide out of their mould easily with our PANFRIE range, entailing nothing but the seamless transition in your production!

Spread Stabilizer

Hardstock range in ISF such as HIPAL™, HADPAM™ and ISFREE™ provides excellent structure and prevents oil separation for your spreads. This provides excellent stability, thus ensuring the texture of your spreads remains consistently smooth and glossy over time.

Bakery Fat Hardstock

The HIPAL™, HADPAM™ and ISFREE™ ranges are available in a broad spectrum of melting profiles, making a myriad of bakery fat products possible. This includes shortening, butter oil substitute, margarine as well as liquid margarine and low fat spreads.


ISF’s hardstock, HIPAL™, HADPAM™ and ISFREE™ ranges can also be used to produce seasonings and instant soup stocks in the form of powder, granule, cube or paste. It is used to microencapsulate-sensitive ingredients, creating a barrier from the environment, so that its shelf life can be prolonged. Various ingredients could be incorporated freely with such advantage.