Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives

More and more consumers are increasing their consumption of plant-based dairy alternatives due to the rise of veganism and planet-conscious flexitarians. Find out how our range of plant-based specialty oils and fats work in dairy products (creamer, condensed milk, and cultured dairy products), ice cream, and whipping cream topping, as sustainable, healthier, and cost-effective choice.

ISF is strongly committed to achieving global standards for sustainability and the terms of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO SCCS Segregated (SG) and Mass Balance (MB) products are available.

Milk Fat Replacer

PALMA™ is ISF’s plant-based non-dairy solution to reduce your material cost of real milk fat in your products. PALMA™ can replace real milk fat as you need; whether in terms of nutritional value, melting profile, or just to replace milk fat for economical purposes. We also have plant-based non-dairy fat solutions to your dairy-related products such as creamers, condensed milk, and cultured dairy products.

Ice Cream

ISF has an entire solution for your ice cream business. ICYCOOL can give you a rich, smooth, and creamy ice cream body, while ICYCOAT™ provides you with both crispy and soft ice cream coating options.

Whipping Cream

SUPERWIP, ISF’s whip cream fat range, offers more functional properties than the dairy-based whipping cream; our fats provide excellent overrun in creaming and have stable shape retention even at room temperature.