About Us

ISF, incorporated at Port Klang, Malaysia, in 1980, is one of the world-leading specialty fats & oils manufacturers, with diligent marketing activities, advanced production facilities, and also development of technical capabilities derived from the collaboration with The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd., as the parent company of ISF and the largest vegetable oil manufacturer in Japan.

ISF acts responsibly and strives to source and produce all our products in the most sustainable way possible while ensuring safe products of high quality throughout our global supply chain.


Chocolate and Confectionery

Our confectionery fats assist you to create chocolate confectionery products while ensuring all your versatile needs in taste, texture, product shelf life, and so forth.


Our range of specialty oils and fats for the bakery industry makes a myriad of bakery products possible while helping you achieve the delightful eating experience.


We offer a range of highly-stable specialty oils for frying applications that fit your versatile needs in taste experiences and frying performance.

Other Food Applications

Our specialty fats deliver the unique solutions in a multitude of food applications with specific functionalities, and which guarantee you the process efficiency and the product stability for longer shelf life.

Non-Food Applications

We offer a wide range of specialty fats for non-food products such as candle, animal feed and soap. Discover how our wide range of specialty fats works in a variety of non-food applications.

Plant-Based Dairy Alternative

Explore how our range of plant-based dairy alternatives works in dairy-related products as sustainable, healthier, and cost-effective choice.


Policies & Certifications

News & Stories

August 20, 2021
ISF Introduces Double Masking Initiative In Efforts of Curbing Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic
A recent wave of COVID-19 cases that hit our nation after more than a year of fighting the pandemic has largely impacted our livelihood, economy, healthcare systems.
July 28, 2021
Transformation Through Action: ISF Publishes 2020 Sustainability Report
ISF has published its Sustainability Report for the calendar year 2020, themed ‘Transformation Through Action’, and covers our continued progress towards...
April 26, 2021
ISF Launches New Fresh Fruit Brunch (FFB) Dealers Programme on NDPE Commitments
Fresh fruit bunch (FFB) dealers are critical to linking growers and immediate markets in Malaysia. Currently, not all FFB dealers are included in current...